It’s now mid-summer and that only means one thing to the avid sport fan; college football is just around the corner! So it’s time to go through our preseason tailgating list. Just like your favorite college team has to prepare each Saturday, it’s crucial for us tailgaters to prepare as well! To get you prepared […]

Reviewing BBQ products is my favorite thing to do, and here’s why. There is a plethora of products available to the grilling community; however the majority is mass marketed by the major manufacturers and food processors. Yet, some of the best products in the industry are produced by the small struggling manufacturer, sauce producers, and […]

Grilling is a living and a way of life for me. I love every aspect of barbecuing, mostly because of the challenges and the unforeseen obstacles that can occur on a regular basis. One of the biggest challenges everyone encounters is trying to not lose those smaller items your grilling through your grill grates. Luckily […]

I recently received my new Weber 27” Kettle Grill. Before I cook on it, the first thing I need to do is to season it. What do I mean by seasoning a new grill? When you receive your new grill from the manufacturer or dealer, there are always impurities due to the building process that […]

When it comes to grilling there’s one common challenge every professional and backyarder alike must learn to overcome and that’s flare-ups. There’s nothing worse than ruining a perfectly good piece of meat no matter how expensive or inexpensive may be and thus ruining your meal. In my constant search for that perfect grilling experience, I […]

My family recently went out of town for the weekend and in doing so I was afforded some well deserved me time. The first thing that came to my mind was dinner, but what would I have exactly? I felt like a grilled rib eye, but didn’t want to fire up the Weber for just […]

Recently I visited the #1 ranked bbq site for “beef rib mop sauce”  ( to look at different mop sauces specifically for beef. This practice is not uncommon amongst professionals as we take a recipe to play with it and modify to our liking. As I was saying, I found this recipe on the #1 […]

Planning your tailgate party can be an overwhelming challenge as you make sure that you have the necessities to ensure a successful tailgating party.You’re going to want to make sure you have enough food to feed you and your tailgate neighbors that decide to drop by when they find out you’re headed to the stadium […]

Chimichurri is a steak sauce native to Argentina and there are as many versions of this national steak sauce as there are bbq sauces in our country. A basic form of Chimichurri would simply be olive oil, oregano, red pepper flakes and salt and pepper. Chimichurri has a paste like consistency to it, and depending […]

The Cobb Premier Combo is the ultimate tailgate cooking system! If you are looking for one of the most revolutionary designed barbecue grills ever created, you need not look any further! I use my Cobb Premier for pretty much everything you can barbecue, grill, bake, smoke, boil or fry anything. My favorite thing to make […]