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Organic Meat For Your Grill From Greensbury Market

When you make a decision to barbecue you might as well enjoy every aspect of your queing experience. That means you should think beyond the grill and consider two things, a good clean burning fuel source, for example flavored wood chips (apple, cherry, hickory, etc…) and of course the most important; a good cut of meat.

For the most part, I usually grill with choice or prime grade depending on what I’m grilling. When smoking you can get away with select grade most of the time, simply because the smoking process is going to break down the muscle and connective tissue leaving you with a very tender piece of meat. Choice grade of course is always an option that will never disappoint you.

However, a few times a month we like to splurge and grill organic meat, I highly recommend you give it a try. When I saw Greensbury Market meats featured on the Oprah Show I couldn’t resist so I ordered the Greensbury Variety Pack and it was perhaps the best meat icon we’ve ever ate. I know that a lot of people think organic is overrated, overpriced but quite frankly you just can’t tell the difference. I used to be one of those skeptics, until I actually experienced organic meaticon for myself.

I can tell you that because of the organic feed, the natural way the animals are raised (free-ranging or free-grazing practices) and no artificial hormones so the animal grows at their own pace, results in a much healthier and stress free animal. What that means to you and me is a more full flavored and a tenderer cut of meat to barbecueicon.

And another advantage when you buy organic meats, you’re helping to save the environment, no unhealthy chemicals and synthetic fertilizers which helps replenish healthy water and soil. That helps maintain a well-balanced foundation of healthy and notorious food. Over time traditional farming depletes the soil.

Serving organic beef, chicken and pork is a great way to make sure your family stays strong and healthy. I encourage everybody to give Greensbury Market organic meatsicon a try as I’m confident that you’ll find that grilling a nice organic ribeye is an experience meant to happen more than once a month. Don’t forget you can also use organic meats in your everyday recipes that you prepare in the kitchen and still enjoy the benefits of organic meat. Below are some of the Greensbury Market organic meatsicon that we recommend from Greensbury Market. Hope you enjoy!

Buy Organic Top Sirloin

Buy Organic Chicken Breast

Buy Organic Pork Chops

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