Why We Review BBQ Products

by steve

Reviewing BBQ products is my favorite thing to do, and here’s why. There is a plethora of products available to the grilling community; however the majority is mass marketed by the major manufacturers and food processors. Yet, some of the best products in the industry are produced by the small struggling manufacturer, sauce producers, and rub producers. These small companies are at a large disadvantage with limited cash flow, production facilities and marketing tools.

All of my favorite BBQ tools, sauces, and rubs simply aren’t available at your local store; you have to find them on the internet. The challenge with that is which item or items to purchase without the benefit of knowing a thing about the product other than the description on the site. Let’s face it everybody is proud of what they produce, and I’m sure a lot of it’s good.

We review food items using the following guidelines listed below:

Ingredients: We’ll list all of the ingredients as listed on the label, so you know what it’s made up of so that you can make an informed decision on whether these ingredients meet your dietary needs.

Aroma: Aromatics are very important in BBQ and they aren’t always the same before and after the cook. During the cooking stage the ingredients have a chemical change that more often than not is different than from the raw state. Thus, making it very important to rate.

Appearance and Texture: We’ll describe how the product looks; color, thickness, graininess or smooth. We’ll be your eyes, nose and taste buds.

Taste Straight Up: We’re going to tell you in a no non-sense way how the product performs.

Flavor Profile: Is it spicy, mild, sweet, well balanced; you’ll have a pretty good idea if this particular product is something you and our family will enjoy.

Heat: I’m personally into heat if it’s correctly balanced with other flavors, we’ll let you know where we think the level of heat falls.

In Summary: By the end of the testing process, we will summarize our findings and give you our final recommendations on the product.

All in all, BBQ like a Pro reviews BBQ products to keep the general public informed of the advantages and disadvantages on as many BBQ products as we can. When we test a product it’s not paid advertisement by the company. In fact, in most cases it’s a cost to us to review a product.

And if you’re wondering, we also review BBQ equipment and accessories for our viewers. However, they fall under different guidelines and we take them through a rigid testing process. Because when it comes to trying to make an informed decision on what to BBQ items to purchase turn to BBQ Like a Pro, we’re your BBQ authority.

We enjoy supporting the small entrepreneur and enjoy introducing their products to the general public. We equally enjoy reviewing these products so the consumer can make an informed decision.


Happy Queing,

The Que Dude

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