Building Your Own BBQ Barrel Smoker

by steve

Whether you’re a BBQ beginner or a BBQ pro this barrel smoker is both affordable and with minimal amount of handyman skills you can build this barrel smoker with relative ease. This is one of my favorite designs by one of my favorite people who likes to remain anonymous, but does incredible work on her blog site.

The way she built this particular smoker is a dream come true for those who are thinking about getting into smoking meat, but doesn’t have many hundreds if not thousands of dollars to get started.
This barbecue barrel smoker has everything you need to both smoke or grill. Starting with a expanded metal on the bottom for your coal, then you’re cooking rack and she has all kinds of ventilation for fire management.

Cow Girl Country_Barrel Smoker_With Meat

When the smoker is completed you can wow! your friends and family with a dinner like Cornish game hens and twice baked potatoes as shown above. And the best thing is, you built it yourself and knowing soon you will be able to BBQ Like A Pro.
I’d like to thank Jeanie of Cowgirls Country for letting me share this incredible BBQ barrel smoker with our readers. If you want complete instructions on how to assemble Jeanie’s smoker, then be sure to read her barbecue barrel smoker post.

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