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Charcoal Starters; Starting Your Charcoal Like A BBQ Pro

There are several different options to start your charcoal, starter fluid is not one of them and neither are briquettes embalmed with starter fluid. No, the two best ways to start your charcoal is by using either a charcoal chimney or an electric charcoal starter.

If you want to barbecue like the pros you need to dispose of anything that has fluid in it as fluid only ruins the flavor of the food you’re grilling.

I personally use both charcoal chimneys and electric charcoal starters due to various conditions and situations. If I’m going to be cooking a lot and using one or more grills, I will have several chimneys going so I don’t lose my heat.

Probably the most used charcoal chimney within the BBQ community is made by Weber; the Weber Rapid Fire charcoal chimney. It has an extra large canister and so easy to use. You Just fill the canister to the desired amount of charcoal, place a piece of newspaper underneath the chimney and light, it’s that quick and easy. The Weber charcoal chimney holds enough charcoal for the Weber One Touch Silver 22.5 Inch Charcoal Grill.

However,  if I’m in a hurry and I’m cooking a smaller batch of food, majority of the time I use my electric charcoal starter. It will start my charcoal in about 10 minutes and I find it much cleaner and convenient then using the charcoal chimney. Thus, making cleanup a breeze!

Either method is quick and simple to use and doesn’t contain anything that’s going to alter the flavor of your BBQ food. Use one or both these products and you’ll be able to BBQ Like A Pro.

P.S. One other thing to add regarding the use of a charcoal chimney; I have never seen or heard of this done before now, but Larry from The BBQ Grail actually has shown how you can cook on it too! Larry posted this article on my twitter stream a couple of weeks ago and it’s definitely worth the read.

Weber 7412 Work Table

What owner of a Weber Kettle hasn’t at one time or another fumbled around attempting to find a table for your barbecue grill. Most people grab anything within reach, a fold-up table, barrel, porch rail or even a child.  Anything or anybody to help assist you with your BBQ tools, sauces and more importantly what you’re grilling for lunch or dinner. I recently ran across an barbecue accessory product that will help solve all of your problems, the Weber Work Table.

The table is made of heavy duty thermal plastic and mounts easily onto your 18.5″ and 22.5″ Weber charcoal grill with three molded tool hooks. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit the 26.5″ Weber One Touch Gold Grill.

This is what I’ve been looking for years, but like many of you, just trying to make something work, without having to break everything down and drag it all into the garage after you’re all done barbecuing. If you’re one of those people that have had the same struggles and challenges, then the Weber Work Table will be one of the best $50 you have ever spent. It’s easy to attach, easy to keep clean, and very durable…purchasing the Weber Work Table will let you BBQ Like A Pro.