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Cobb Premier Ultimate Tailgate Combo

The Cobb Premier Combo is the ultimate tailgate cooking system! If you are looking for one of the most revolutionary designed barbecue grills ever created, you need not look any further!

Beer Can Chicken_2_230

I use my Cobb Premier for pretty much everything you can barbecue, grill, bake, smoke, boil or fry anything. My favorite thing to make is Beer Can Chicken without the can, it’s the best Beer Can Chicken I’ve ever had and easy to do. In the Cobb Premier has a molt, simply put beer in the molt put the grill plate on the smoker, place a whole seasoned chicken on the grill and about 11/2 hours later you’ve got the tastiest and moistest chicken you’ve ever torn into. This unique light-weight cooking system is simple to use and maintain. It is portable, it is versatile, it is durable, it is safe and it is healthy.

Time Magazine

Voted TIME magazine’s invention of the year recently, this Grill can be taken virtually anywhere for any occasion, tailgating, camping, picnicking, great for patio, not to mention natures emergencies. The Cobb Premier comes in its own convenient carry bag. It can cook just about anything. The high quality Stainless steel ensures it will be able to withstand any outdoor environment. Its design makes it safe for any situation. Its cooking system guarantees healthier tastier meals. In short, if you love to barbecue, you will love the Cobb Premier Grill.

Vesta Winner Charcoal

Only 8 briquettes to cook for 3 hours at up to 450 degrees, while the base stays completely cool to the touch!

If portability is part of your lifestyle then this all new fully stainless steel award winning Cobb Premier Combo Grill with the four main accessories and a number of extras. These include, but are not limited to, the Wok, Skillet/Pan, Roasting Rack, Griddle, a smoker pot. This is one of the best value-for-money bundles you can find. The Cobb Premier is an award winning item in its own right.

Cookshack Residential Electric Smokers

Convenient, reliable and quality all come to mind when I think about Cookshack wood-Burning electric smokers. Convenience is an understatement for the Cookshack wood-Burning electric smokers, they’re are pretty much full proof to use, loading and cooking the meat couldn’t be easier and clean up is a snap.

Cookshack has perfected the electric smoker for backyard barbecue’rs! Anyone can make professional quality old-fashioned smoked barbecue in their own backyard. I tested the Model SM020 Cookshack Smokette and was pleasantly surprised on the total performance of the smoker. Constructed of stainless steel inside and out and comes with an electronic temperature controller with a meat probe to ensure that your meat is perfectly cooked every time. I cooked ribs, brisket and chicken and all three of them past the test for tenderness, flavor, moistness and color.

Please Note: If you’re a professional or do competitions like I do, don’t expect that signature smoke ring you find in finished smoked meats at the competitions like what you get when you use a Backwoods Smoker. The electric Cookshack smoker doesn’t have the ability to get the chemical reaction to achieve the smoke ring we all strive for. The good news is your friends and family won’t know the difference as they’ll be begging for more.

Cookshack makes sure that you’re ready to cook when your Smokette arrives. Your new smoker includes everything you need to start smoking immediately! Included with the Cookshack smoker are 5 lbs. of smoking wood, a Smoking at Home cookbook, an operator’s manual for your BBQ smoker, an aluminum drip pan, and a Spice Sample Kit with full-size bottles of Cookshack Spicy Barbecue Sauce, Rib Rub, and Spicy Chicken Rub.

What more could you ask for from an authentic barbecue in your own backyard? The Cookshack Smokette is the smoker for you! It’s compact, easy to use, affordable and turns out consistently delicious ribs, brisket, pork, poultry, vegetables, and more every time. I highly recommend the Cookshack wood-Burning electric smokers for your home, you’ll be glad you did. And guess what?

If you don’t think the Cookshack Essential Series – Smokette SM020 is big enough for you then don’t worry as Cookshack has other BBQ smoker models to fit your personal needs. We’ve taken the time to list them below for you!

Cookshack Elite Series

Cookshack Elite Series – Smokette SM025
Cookshack’s most popular model for backyard barbecue’rs! Anyone can make professional quality old-fashioned smoked barbecue in their own backyard with the Cookshack Smokette.

Cookshack Elite Series SuperSmoker SM045
The Cookshack SuperSmoker is the workhorse of our lineup of home smokers. With its big capacity you can smoke plenty of barbecue, fish, or game. Sturdy construction will give you years of use. Build it into your outdoor kitchen or use it free-standing.

Cookshack Essential Series

Cookshack Essential Series – SuperSmoker SM040
Cookshack’s SuperSmokers are compact, easy to use, and turn out consistently delicious ribs, brisket, pork, poultry, vegetables, and more. Put a brisket in before you leave for work. Come home to smoky, tender, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth brisket for dinner. Smoke ribs that will have your friends and family coming back for more.

Cookshack AmeriQue – The Ultimate Home Smoker

Cookshack AmeriQue
The AmeriQue gives you more control over your barbecue than ever before. Using the electronic IQ controller and meat probe, the AmeriQue smoke-cooks just the way you tell it to. Whether you are cooking beef tri-tip or pork butt, all you have to do is probe the meat, set the cooking temperature or desired internal meat temperature (if using the probe), and walk away. It turns out great, every time.

Cobb Premier Portable Smoker Review

Like a kid waiting for Santa Claus, I was anxiously looking for the delivery company to arrive with my new Cobb Premier Portable Smoker. Once it arrived, I ripped open the box and started using my newest smoker.

That night I briefly went through the instructions, and then I smoked/grilled some chicken breast and asparagus for dinner. I did exactly what the instructions said, lit the fire and I decided to add some white wine in the molt to add additional flavor and moisture. I was more than pleasantly surprised with the end results.

The chicken was so moist and flavorful and the asparagus was spot on. The next night, I decided to do a beer can chicken the Premier Cobb way. I simply lit the smoker put a can of beer in the molt, seasoned the whole chicken, put it on the grilling plate and in an hour and a half later I was enjoying the most incredible beer can chicken I’ve ever had.

This mighty little smoker does everything it claims it does, it burns efficiently, cooks exactly the way it was designed to do, and the two best things is that cleanup is a snap, and you just simply put it away in the custom made carrying case included with your purchase and away you go.

I tired for two days to find any “cons” about this BBQ grill, but I can’t really find any fault in the Cobb Premier Smoker and its uses are endless as it’s perfect for tailgating, camping, hiking, boating, picnicking, apartment living, the office, keep one on hand for emergency purposes to mention a few, this mighty little BBQ smoker is a must have for everyone!


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