Cobb Premier Portable Smoker Review

by steve

Like a kid waiting for Santa Claus, I was anxiously looking for the delivery company to arrive with my new Cobb Premier Portable Smoker. Once it arrived, I ripped open the box and started using my newest smoker.
That night I briefly went through the instructions, and then I smoked/grilled some chicken breast and asparagus for dinner. I did exactly what the instructions said, lit the fire and I decided to add some white wine in the molt to add additional flavor and moisture. I was more than pleasantly surprised with the end results.
The chicken was so moist and flavorful and the asparagus was spot on. The next night, I decided to do a beer can chicken the Premier Cobb way. I simply lit the smoker put a can of beer in the molt, seasoned the whole chicken, put it on the grilling plate and in an hour and a half later I was enjoying the most incredible beer can chicken I’ve ever had.
This mighty little smoker does everything it claims it does, it burns efficiently, cooks exactly the way it was designed to do, and the two best things is that cleanup is a snap, and you just simply put it away in the custom made carrying case included with your purchase and away you go.
I tired for two days to find any “cons” about this BBQ grill, but I can’t really find any fault in the Cobb Premier Smoker and its uses are endless as it’s perfect for tailgating, camping, hiking, boating, picnicking, apartment living, the office, keep one on hand for emergency purposes to mention a few, this mighty little BBQ smoker is a must have for everyone!


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