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East Carolina Pirates Deluxe Tailgating Chair

NCAA College football is in the air, and as I begin to go through my BBQ tailgating gear I’m counting the days before opening day kickoff. I’m making sure I am game ready things such as tailgating chairs, canopies, favorite NCAA college gear and of course the food.

Tailgating is all about food, friends and a certain amount of comfort. It goes without saying that you will in all likelihood have your grill and some kind of a menu already churning in your mind for you and your friends to eat.

The only thing left for you to think about are your comfortable things like apparel, canopies and of course chairs. When I went through my tailgating gear I noticed that a couple of my chairs were hurting for certain due to years of tailgating. So, realized that I had to do something about before the season starts.

I want to share with you a great tailgating chair that I recently purchased.

I ordered my new ECU tailgating chair from a company online called Fans Edge, this chair is not your average tailgating chair, no it was designed with big guys like me in mind. The East Carolina Pirates logo is featured on the chair front- back and carrying bag. Each chair arm is adjustable and features a cup holder. The mesh pocket on the chair back is made for quick and convenient storage for my program, jacket, or pretty much any other incidentals I might have. If you’re not a ECU Pirate fan no worries, chances are that since Fans Edge is Officially Licensed by the NCAA, they’ll have your favorite NCAA team’s merchandise available.

This BBQ tailgating chair is a must have for those that are serious about their comfort and convenience while tailgating. Make sure that if you’re in the market for a chair or any other officially licensed NCAA gear go to Fans Edge and they’ll have you Tailgating Like A Pro.

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