How to Season a New Grill and The First Cook

by steve

I recently received my new Weber 27” Kettle Grill. Before I cook on it, the first thing I need to do is to season it. What do I mean by seasoning a new grill? When you receive your new grill from the manufacturer or dealer, there are always impurities due to the building process that are unwanted and potentially harmful.

Preparing briquettes in a chimney to start seasoning

To “season” the grill and remove the impurities, residue and residual metals by building a fire as if you were going to barbecue and bring the temperature up to about 350˚ and hold at that temperature for 3-4 hours. When the fire is completely out, remove all of the ash, and wipe down your cooking grate and lid with a clean throw away towel, and you’re ready to cook.

Before you plan to have guests over for a Backyard Barbecue or hosting a Tailgate Party. Use it a few times first. Whatever sticks will give you a nice, even coating of carbon. This is the secret to a non-stick Grill as well as the starting point for serving up tender, juicy meats that fall right off the bone. Season your grill correctly and soon you will be Barbecuing Like A Pro.

Pork Steaks

In breaking in my new grill, I decided to go with pork steaks. Pork seems to be a little more forgiving, and with a marinade and a lite rub not only does it make for a tasty main course. I took a picture after the cooking process to show you the meat particles left on the grate, however, it was a little late. Don’t freak out if your meat tears that’s normal for the first few cooks. As you use the grill more frequently, your grill will become more seasoned and unless you do something wrong sticking meat shouldn’t be a problem.

In summary, when purchasing a new grill you tend to be so excited that you assemble the grill and cook. That’s a big mistake, take the time to season your grill properly & correctly and cook a few times before you invite guests over and you’ll have a much better experience with your new grill.

Happy Queing,

The Que Dude

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