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MOINK Balls The perfect Tailgating Food

Football season is here and tailgating fans are getting their grill on for the big game. I’ve got two words for you MOINK BALLS they’re the perfect tailgate food to eat. MOINK balls, though quick and easy to make they are difficult to keep enough cooked for all of your friends and family.

Once you put a MOINK ball in your mouth you’ll become addicted to them. So, what are MOINK Balls, they’re part beef and part pork, hence the name MOINK Balls (Moo-Oink) simply put they’re bacon wrapped meatballs basted in your favorite sauce. Like I said they are the perfect party food and my favorite tailgating food.

So, go ahead and make a couple hundred for your next party at home or grill them at your next tailgate party, either way they’ll be the hit of the party. Detailed instructions are as follows.

Frozen MeatballsBegin with a frozen bag of Meatballs, remove and thaw out what you’re going to use.

Packaged Bacon_picCount out half the strips of bacon you’re going to need to wrap Meatballs and cut in half. Take 1 half strip of bacon and wrap it around a meatball, secure the bacon and meatball together with a toothpick. Repeat this process until you have reached your desired amount of MOINK Balls to barbecue.

Moink Balls_230Barbecue until bacon is cooked, brush or dip with your favorite sauce on the MOINK Balls and leave on grill until sauce is caramelized and a little sticky. If you prefer to eat them plain simply remove from the grill when bacon is cooked. Plate them up and serve immediately.

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