Finally, Tailgate Partymate has developed the solution for the dedicated tailgater like me! It’s also great if you’re an avid camper, RV’er, or a NASCAR fan. This simple and easy to use set of tailgating tables are attached to the hitch of your truck or if you’re like me and have a SUV it will […]

Convenient, reliable and quality all come to mind when I think about Cookshack wood-Burning electric smokers. Convenience is an understatement for the Cookshack wood-Burning electric smokers, they’re are pretty much full proof to use, loading and cooking the meat couldn’t be easier and clean up is a snap. Cookshack has perfected the electric smoker for […]

Football season is here and tailgating fans are getting their grill on for the big game. I’ve got two words for you MOINK BALLS they’re the perfect tailgate food to eat. MOINK balls, though quick and easy to make they are difficult to keep enough cooked for all of your friends and family. Once you […]

Using hard wood chunks as a fuel source and wood chips for your flavoring is the only way to go. When I’m using wood chunks or wood chips as my source of fuel I soak them for a minimum of 1 hour and if time permitted over night. By soaking your wood it will generate […]

Keep your favorite beverages cold in this stylish galvanized beverage tub as you display your favorite team with great pride as your team’s logo is featured on the front of your beverage tub. You can use this multifunctional galvanized tub with sturdy handles for chilling beverages (18-24 cans or bottles) for your tailgating parties. This […]

This light weight table is a great accessory for the Cobb Premier Smoker to complete your tailgating experience with comfort and convenience. This BBQ tailgating / camping table is light weight and fold-able featuring 4 drinks holders and a cooler bag. It also comes with a carrying bag. Your Cobb BBQ Grill fits snugly into […]

Like a kid waiting for Santa Claus, I was anxiously looking for the delivery company to arrive with my new Cobb Premier Portable Smoker. Once it arrived, I ripped open the box and started using my newest smoker. That night I briefly went through the instructions, and then I smoked/grilled some chicken breast and asparagus […]

It’s hard to beat a great steak; but steak can also get pretty expensive, when they’re not cooked properly here’s a few simple tips to ensure a great quality steak every time including my Grilled Porterhouse steak with Jalapeno Butter Compound. Leave your steak in the fridge for a couple of days; Steak houses dry […]

BBQ Burgers are to be eaten anytime of year; rain, snow, heat or cold it doesn’t matter it’s all good. The beauty of my Rajun Cajun Burger is there are no limitations on what you can do with it. The condiments, choices, and decisions are endless (this recipe just happens to have the bite I […]

If you’ve never had a fish taco before, you don’t know what you’re missing. The fish tacos I’ve always had are deep fried and delicious, but I think would be better grilled as well as a lot healthier. I made a few changes starting with grilling the fish instead of deep frying it. BBQ Like […]