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BBQ Tailgating: The Tailgate Partymate Review

Finally, Tailgate Partymate has developed the solution for the dedicated tailgater like me! It’s also great if you’re an avid camper, RV’er, or a NASCAR fan. This simple and easy to use set of tailgating tables are attached to the hitch of your truck or if you’re like me and have a SUV it will work fine with that too. It will makes your life so much easier because of its user-friendly design as you can set it up in less than 60 seconds.

Tailgate Partymate Folded_230

The Partymate easily fits in any standard 2” receiver hitch, is perfect for both SUV and pickup trucks with its unique swivel design you simply swing the tables to the outside and lower your tailgate.

It’s so easy to clean once your tailgating party is over as it’s constructed with rustproof powder coating; so all you have to do is simply hose it off when you’re finished with it.

Tailgate Playmate Opened_230

My Tailgate Partymate fits any hitch I have regardless of height it’s fully adjustable up and down with the pull pin located on the center shaft. Simply adjust as you see it and make sure the pin is tight when finished.

The size of the tables are 18″ by 36″ and they recommend, as well as I do, that you not exceed 30 lbs per table, which is more than adequate for most grills and all of your condiments and beverages on the other table. The total weight of the Tailgate Partymate is only 52 lbs so it’s not that heavy.

Tailgate Playmate Side view_230

If you’re a serious tailgater like me or just need a set of portable tables for camping or picnicking, at a price of $149.95 + $25.00 S&H the Tailgate Partymate is quite a bargain. You’re going to love it and your friends are going to want it, Tailgate Partymate certainly is our choice of work tables for tailgating, camping and RV’ing.

Tailgating Galvanized Beverage Tubs

Keep your favorite beverages cold in this stylish galvanized beverage tub as you display your favorite team with great pride as your team’s logo is featured on the front of your beverage tub. You can use this multifunctional galvanized tub with sturdy handles for chilling beverages (18-24 cans or bottles) for your tailgating parties.

This the perfect addition to your Saturdays and Sundays in Fall. Now you can stay outside at your BBQ or in the comfort of your favorite chair and enjoy the ice cold beverages of your choice. This is the perfect gift for the fan that wants it all to cheer his team to victory! GO PIRATES!

Why do I love this product so much? Mine is perfect because the beverage tub is sturdy, yet not too heavy so even you skinny guys will be able to lift/move this beverage tub. They work quite well and do not leak which was one of my main criteria when purchasing this beverage cooler. As we all know, nobody likes having hot drinks while BBQ tailgating! I would recommend this tub to any person who loves to tailgate because it’s so versatile and I will be purchasing more in the future. You can never have too many drinks at your BBQ tailgating party.

Take your versatile beverage bucket to tailgate parties, picnics, friend’s parties or proudly display it on your own patio. Buy a couple they make nice planting pots for your patio, small apartment, use as an herb garden and of course you’ll want at least one for your patio to entertain your friends.

Camping / Tailgating Tables For Cobb Premier

This light weight table is a great accessory for the Cobb Premier Smoker to complete your tailgating experience with comfort and convenience.

This BBQ tailgating / camping table is light weight and fold-able featuring 4 drinks holders and a cooler bag. It also comes with a carrying bag.

Your Cobb BBQ Grill fits snugly into the center of the foldable table. Bracing straps ensure the Cobb remains level and sturdy while cooking your delicious food. Setup takes less than 2 minutes making it the perfect addition to your Cobb BBQ Smoker.