Tailgating Galvanized Beverage Tubs

by steve

Keep your favorite beverages cold in this stylish galvanized beverage tub as you display your favorite team with great pride as your team’s logo is featured on the front of your beverage tub. You can use this multifunctional galvanized tub with sturdy handles for chilling beverages (18-24 cans or bottles) for your tailgating parties.
This the perfect addition to your Saturdays and Sundays in Fall. Now you can stay outside at your BBQ or in the comfort of your favorite chair and enjoy the ice cold beverages of your choice. This is the perfect gift for the fan that wants it all to cheer his team to victory! GO PIRATES!
Why do I love this product so much? Mine is perfect because the beverage tub is sturdy, yet not too heavy so even you skinny guys will be able to lift/move this beverage tub. They work quite well and do not leak which was one of my main criteria when purchasing this beverage cooler. As we all know, nobody likes having hot drinks while BBQ tailgating! I would recommend this tub to any person who loves to tailgate because it’s so versatile and I will be purchasing more in the future. You can never have too many drinks at your BBQ tailgating party.
Take your versatile beverage bucket to tailgate parties, picnics, friend’s parties or proudly display it on your own patio. Buy a couple they make nice planting pots for your patio, small apartment, use as an herb garden and of course you’ll want at least one for your patio to entertain your friends.

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